Filtered art of the supposed new Silent Hill would be from the creator artist of the Pyramid Head

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Last night a whistleblower took the internet by surprise and dropped a bombshell that many even 1 day later have a hard time digesting as it reveals detailed footage of an alleged new game of Silent Hill. Well, it has just been discovered that the franchise’s renowned horror artist would be involved.

The images shared by the Dusk Golem informant were quickly deleted, but fans of course had enough time to save them. The interesting thing is that one of them has the signature of the artist responsible for the creation of the monsters and the art of several games in the series, Masahiro Ito.

The art in question, at least in the one with his signature, is the one that shows a room full of reminder papers and in which a dark entity is seen at the end of a corridor. Well, in the lower right corner you can see his signature and the date October 20, 2020.

This suggests that the artist would be part of the project.

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Sony is involved in the supposed new game of Silent Hill

Additionally, although Konami asked Dusk Golem to remove the 4 images he shared from the unannounced project, the informant continued to speak on the subject and what drew the most attention is that he revealed on the ResetEra forums that Sony is involved in at least the project you leaked.

As if that were not enough, after an analysis it was revealed that the game could have British influence, since phrases from the Monty Python feature film were identified in the image The Life of Brianaccording to information from Video Games Chronicle.

One interesting detail the tipster hinted at is that the game would make use of text messages in reality. Today SIE Santa Monica developer Alanah Pearce revealed in 2019 that she had heard that silent hills It was going to have interactivity with the user’s mobile phones in the form of text messages, in order to take immersion and horror to a new level.

So the development of a new Silent Hill is a reality?

Although there are many more clues that seem to point to Konami preparing the return of the franchise, as always in similar cases, we recommend you not to get excited, as there is a possibility that the information is not accurate.

In this particular case, Dusk Golem removed the images he shared because he received a copyright claim and shortly after confirmed that it was Konami who made the claim. The art may be real and may have come from Masahiro Ito, but it could very well be from one of the artist’s canceled games, and that he may have worked with Konami, so the latter would have every right to make the claim. In January 2020, Ito confirmed that he was working as a “main member” of a game and the times seem to match the date of the leaked image. But let’s remember that Ito confessed last year that he was working on 4 projects that were canceled and one could well be the art of Silent Hill.

From 2020 dates a rumor also from an important informant that indicates that a new game in the series was in development and that it involved the designer Keiichiro Toyama, the composer Akira Yamaoka and the artist Masahiro Ito and that it involved Sony. Toyama founded his studio at the end of 2020 and is already working on his own game, Slitterheadwhich suggests that the original project could have fallen apart or at least he abandoned it.

There is also the possibility that the project floated with the other artists. Let’s remember that last year Yamaoka hinted that he is working on a project that fans were waiting for, in clear reference to Silent Hill. The interview a short time later was deleted.

In case you missed it: record suggests that Konami could be preparing a VR project of Silent Hill.

On the other hand, we remind you that Bloober Team is working on an existing horror IP from a “very famous video game distributor” and later confirmed a partnership with Konami.

Interestingly today, just hours after images of the alleged game were leaked, Bloober Team formed a deal with Sony, although it seems geared towards PlayStation Plus.

Finally, we will keep you informed.

What do you think of all these clues? Tell us in the comments.

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