Filtered possible Spider-Man characters that we will see in Madame Web

It seems that the roles of Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney and the rest of the cast of the film of Madame Web, the spin-off of Sony’s Spider-Man have been revealed

A new report claims to have confirmed a long list of rumors about the casting of madam webincluding exactly which version of the character the film’s leading lady will play, dakota johnson. The list of characters not yet officially confirmed includes some very familiar names for fans of spider-manso we must warn of possible spoilers in case they end up being correct.


Which Madame Web characters will each cast member play?

dakota johnson

Despite what we have seen in the photos of the shoot, The Cosmic Circus website states that Dakota Johnson will play Cassandra Webb, the older version of Madame Web. Early set photos of Johnson in a red jacket led people to speculate that she must be Julia Carpenterbut it seems like she just borrowed that look, or maybe Julia will adopt Cassandra’s look later on.

Interestingly, set footage captured Johnson apparently posing as both a taxi driver and a medical worker at different points in the story. And in one interesting scene she was seen very close to the immensely important character that adam scott plays in the Spider-Man spin-off.

Madame Web - Dakota Johnson

sydney sweenandY

Much has been speculated about the role of sydney sweeney in Madame Web, but the truth is that she plays Julia Carpenter. Julia, the second Madame Web after Cassandra is killed by Kraven the Hunter and his family, had in his day the mantle of Spider-Woman and she was a great superhero in her own right.

Julia Carpenter first debuted in the series Secret Wars in 1984. After unknowingly becoming a test subject in a mysterious experiment involving spider and plant DNA, Carpenter gained Spider-Man-like powers, eventually joining the web-slinger and the other heroes during the Secret Wars crossover.

  • Sydney Sweeney Joins Madame Web
  • Julia Carpenter Earth 616 from Prowler Vol 2 2 001

Celeste O’Connor

Next we have Celeste O’Connorwhich interprets mattie franklin. In the comics, Franklin was the third character to assume the mantle of Spider-Woman, sporting spider-like limbs similar to those in the Spider-Woman suit. Iron Spider of Tom Holland in the UCM.

Mattie’s abilities were obtained during a mystical ceremony known as the Gathering of the Five, and were later revealed to have been “stolen” from the previous Spider-Women.

  • Celeste Oconnor 02
  • Mattie Franklin Spider-Woman

Elizabeth Merced

Apparently, Elizabeth Merced She has also been chosen to play Anya Heartthe alter ego of spider-girl in the comics. Created by Joe Quesada, Fiona Avery Y Mark BrooksAnya Corazón debuted in marvel comics in Amazing Fantasy #1 in 2004. Although he made his first appearance under the name of Spiderthe character would go on to be introduced as Spider-Girl in issue #5 of Young Allies from 2010.

  • Isabella Merced
  • anya heart

adam scott

Scott will play a young man benjamin parkerwho appears in most Spider-Man publications as the husband of May Parker and the uncle and father figure of peter parker. No further details have been revealed, but photos from the set have hinted that Ben Parker could work as a paramedic alongside Dakota Johnson’s titular seer in the film.

In the Spider-Man story, Ben Parker is essential to the origin of Peter Parker. Not only do the circumstances of his uncle’s death motivate the hero, but Ben’s iconic words of “with great power comes great responsibility» serve as Spidey’s moral code.

  • adam scott
  • Uncle Ben

In addition to Scott playing Ben Parker, he is also assured that emma roberts will play the mother of Peter Parker, Mary Parker. At the moment it is not clear where her husband and Ben’s brother is, Richard Parkernor who can interpret it in the film.

And, due to on-set photos showing the actress playing someone who is pregnant, it’s possible that baby Peter Parker is on the way and could make his debut at some point in the film… Madame Web’s temporary setting in the nineties makes us think that Sony can pretend that it serves as a prequel to Spider-Man. The question in that case would be which one?

Emma Roberts, from Scream 4 to Madame Web

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