Final Fantasy 14 will be available for purchase again shortly, here is the date –

Final Fantasy 14 saw such a flashback, with the release of the expansion Endwalker, for having forced Square Enix to postpone thepurchase of the game temporarily closing this possibility, which will however be reopened shortly: from January 25, 2022 it will be possible to buy the game again.

The great success of Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker generated a really strange case: given the amount of people who flocked to the MMORPG Square Enix, some difficulties were generated in managing the load of users on the servers, which also caused long queues for access.

In addition to enhancing the system and organizing the online population on the different servers, the publisher even had to stop sales due to the “excessive success” of the game, trying in this way to spread the entries over a larger amount of time. In recent days it was therefore not possible to buy the MMORPG, but this will be made available again soon.

From 25 January it will therefore be possible to buy the game in question, in addition Square Enix has announced other initiatives aimed at improve the situation congestion of online players: a new data center will be opened in the Oceania area on the occasion of the reopening of sales, thus allowing Australian players to access their own specific server without burdening others.

Furthermore, from January 26th it will be possible again transfer the characters from server to server, with a centralized “travel” system coming in an upcoming patch. To understand the reason for all this attraction, you can read the review of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

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