“Finally a film where I play with turtles and alligators”


Nicolas Cage talks about his latest film, Willy’s Wonderland, about a man battling a series of animatronic creatures that come to life in an abandoned children’s playroom.
“I don’t have the opportunity to act with giant ostriches or alligators or turtles or weasels. So I thought it would be a lot of fun, ”explains the actor. The film, directed by Kevin Lewis, stars Cage as a character identified in the credits as “The Janitor,” whose car breaks down in a remote town with no working ATMs. The latter proves to be a particular problem, as the one garage only requires cash and the repair will cost $ 1,000. So he can hardly refuse when he is offered, as payment, the opportunity to spend the night cleaning the long-closed institution.
The caretaker soon discovers that Willy’s Wonderland, a sort of Chuck E. Cheese from hell, is populated by life-sized animatronic creatures, humans, and animals who demonstrate a clear desire to kill him while occasionally singing crazy songs. Along the way he also deals with a group of young people who have come to set fire to the house. They are led by Liz (Emily Tosta), who has a tragic history with that place. That background, which explains that the creatures are inhabited by the spirits of a serial killer and his minions who committed suicide in a satanic ritual, is explained via monologues delivered by Liz and the tough-as-nails woman of the city, veteran Beth Grant. .


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