Finch, the science fiction movie with Tom Hanks arrives


Apple Original Films managed to obtain the rights to “Finch”, New film starring Tom Hanks. A tough battle between various streaming giants, which led to this outcome.

Directed by Miguel Sapochnik, the film was previously titled “Bios”. The initial distribution schedule would see her debut in theaters on October 2, 2020 with Universal Pictures. Plans completely skipped due to Covid-19 (THE SPECIAL – THE UPDATES – THE MAP). An initial postponement to April 16, 2021, was passed to August 13, 2021.


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Finally, streaming distribution was opted for towards the end of the year, getting as close as possible to the awards season. The online release will apparently be accompanied by a cinematic one, albeit limited. Apple seems to be betting a lot on titles involving the famous actor. This is the second film purchased after “Greyhound: The invisible enemy“.

Finch, plot and cast



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Announced in 2017, “Finch” was written by Craig Luck and Ivor Powell, with Robert Zemeckis serving as executive producer. The title was in fact produced by his ImageMovers, together with Amblin.

In addition to Tom Hanks, in the role of Finch, the following actors also appear in the cast

  • Caleb Landry Jones
  • Skeet Ulrich
  • Samira Wiley

The film centers on the character of Finch, a scientist who finds himself being the last man left on Earth. He knows his hours are numbered and decides to build a robot.

He puts his inventive skills to work to create a companion to accompany his dog. Together they will create a journey across the country. Finch will undertake to instruct the robot, as far as possible, trying to transfer the basic concepts of humanity into him.

He can’t accept leaving his best friend alone in the world. He wants his dog to be able to accept the new owner and that the latter, as much as a machine, knows how to behave like a human being with him, understanding his needs and developing, perhaps, a kind of feeling.


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