find four remains of disappeared

The Cuban government declared “liquidated” from 7 in the morning of this August 12, the fire at the supertanker base in Matanzas, which started a week ago when one of the fuel tanks was struck by lightning in the middle of a storm local.

“It is reported that at 7:00 in the morning the liquidation of the fire was declared. Total vigilance is maintained over the place, based on the possibility of new outbreaks resurfacing, due to spilled fuel and high temperatures, ”reads the statement. Twitter of the Cuban presidency.

The Cuban Minister of Health, José Ángel Portal Miranda, also reported that “this morning seven teams of Legal Medicine and other related specialties entered the scene of the fire and the first bone remains belonging to four different people were found.”

So far, 22 people remain hospitalized, four of them in critical condition, three in serious condition, 16 in care. There are two people confirmed deceased and 14 missing. Portal Miranda insisted that until this minute there is no patient affected by environmental contamination, due to the fire that burned fuel for a week.


The last confirmed deceased was the 24-year-old Elier Correa, a native of Granma. “Last night, the 24-year-old patient who had been unstable since his admission died. We deeply regret what happened, our condolences reach all family and friends, “they said in a statement from Public Health.

Elier was company chief of the Varadero Airport command. His condition was unstable and his body did not respond to the treatments. Some users confirm that his last words to his mother were: “Mommy, I’m the first in line, I’m not afraid.”

On social networks, numerous families have published images of the disappeared and several of them were just young people from the Military Service. Many wonder what these inexperienced youngsters were doing on the front line of fire.

deceased fire massacres

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