Find out who taught Shakira to move her hips at the age of 12

The scandalous separation of Gerard Piqué It has not prevented Shakira from continuing to succeed in the world of music, as one of the most successful artists worldwide. The colombianHe continues to garner the love of his fans from all over the world and his latest singles have given rise to talk.

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“Grateful” or “graceful woman” is what her name means. name of arabic origin and since she was little she was influenced by the Lebanese roots of his ancestors who immigrated to the United States. Shakira He was born in Colombia because his American father, William Mebarak Chadid, immigrated to the Latin American country and there he met Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado, the singer’s mother.

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“I think it was when I was 12 years. My first experiences dancing, I think it was like everyone else’s, first in front of the mirror, then in front of my family, and later in front of an audience at school”, has been part of the statements made by the Piqué’s ex-partner in conversation with the press.

However, regarding those who taught her oriental dance, belly dance or belly dance, the performer of “Monotony” He has mentioned on a few occasions that one of those people has been his paternal grandmother. But there are also two other theories.

Two women claim they taught the Sasha and Milan’s mother the oriental dance. In fact, they assume they have participated in some of the singer’s shows. On one hand, the dancer Myriam Eliwho was part of the Morocco company and claims to have taught the singer-songwriter between 1998 and 2006. In addition, the woman is also a musician and played the darbuka and the riq for the hit song “Eyes like that” (1998). In fact, she accompanied Shakira at various concerts.

On the other hand, the American dancer Bozenka (of Cuban, Spanish and Czech roots) claims to have taught him the hip movement to the barranquillera and having choreographed some numbers for the “Mongoose” tour (2004) and the 2010 tour.

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