Fiona Ferrer joins the digital age and launches the Experience Platforms via NFTs: Musicaverso and Fansverso


Joining the new digital era and throwing herself fully into the world of the Metaverse, Fiona Ferrer surprises with her innovative project: the Musicaverso and Fansverso Platforms so that singers and celebrities from our country can offer unique experiences to their followers through NFTs (Tokens , encrypted digital assets that represent something unique). A new concept of collecting digital experiences to which celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Paris Hilton, Kate Moss, Emily Ratajkowski or Lindsay Lohan, among others, have already joined.

Thus, the first of its releases, Musicaverso, offers singers a platform so that their followers can buy NFTs and become part of their community, which includes exclusive content for each singer – photos, videos, collectibles, avatars – and unique experiences with his idol.

NFTs – “Non-Fungible Tokens” – usher in a new digital age, allowing celebrities to transfer both unique experiences and verifiable ownership of their creations to their followers.

And it is that as ‘The Financial Times’ points out, sales of NFTs have grown so much that in 2021 they reached 41,000 million dollars. To give us an idea of ​​the importance they are acquiring, the world art sales market reached an amount close to 50,000 million dollars. And the growth perspective continues to rise, since the sale of NFTs is expected to reach, in 2028, 122,430 million dollars.

And behind Fansverso and Musicaverso, Fiona Ferrer and a team of professionals, technicians and developers with more than 20 years of experience in Startups, Multinationals, Marketplaces and Blockchain in the Banking, Consumer Goods, Fashion, Consulting and Media sectors.

Both Fansverso and Musicaverso estimate to sell NFTs worth more than 5 million euros in their first year and exceed 300 million euros in NFT sales in the 5th year.

What advantages do Fansverso and Musicaverso offer users?

– They facilitate the purchase of NFTs without having knowledge of Blockchain or cryptocurrencies

– They allow payment by debit or credit card of NFT purchases without the need to have cryptocurrencies.

– The user does not need to have a wallet of NFTs like Metamask, since they generate a wallet for each user within the platforms and only an email and a password are needed to access it and view their NFTs.

– Both platforms are built on the Ethereum Blockchain technology using the Polygon layer.

– Any user can see the ownership of each NFT, both on their Platforms and on Polygonscan (https://polygonscan.com) and IPFS (InterPlanetary File System: https://ipfs.io)

– It also incorporates cryptographic functions to the NFTs (hash functions recorded in the NFTs) to increase security and keep them immutable.

A launch led by Fiona Ferrer and that will take place in July 2022. Meanwhile, fans who register during this month on the Fansverso.com and Musicaverso.com websites will get an exclusive NFT created by renowned designer and illustrator Oscar Llorens. In turn, said NFT will allow the user to obtain a 5% discount on the purchase of NFTs from their favorite singers in Musicaverso and a 5% discount on the purchase of NFTs from their favorite influencers, actors, writers* in Fansverso.

A project that will expand in September, when Fansverso and Musicaverso will open an office in Miami to focus on Spanish-speaking users in Latin America and the USA.

Although the official launch is scheduled for July 2022, influencers, actors, artists and writers are already in negotiations with this first platform aimed at those who admire content creators and want to meet and be part of a special part of their day. a day.

In turn, and in a subsequent phase, they will support new talents in art, music and culture.

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