Fiorentina, Barone to Vlahovic: “Tell them publicly what you want to do. Offers? None for now”

The general manager of Fiorentina Joe Barone spoke to Mediaset before the match in the Italian Cup against Napoli dwelling for a long time and with important considerations on the future of Dusan Vlahovic: “Dusan is talked about every day, but I would like to talk about the group. On Vlahovic, however, we expect his answer on the future, obviously we have our plans and we want to take action.”

The figures that circulate about the commissions of the prosecutors?
“I can talk about what we discussed on our part, the last time the president was there the figures were almost double and we think it was not an opening. Two days ago I had a conversation with Dusan, if you want to stay, please state it publicly and sign. A city cannot wait, but from what I have heard it does not seem willing to speak and therefore we as a society have to make decisions “.

The challenge with Naples today?
“Today we are playing a game that is the best, Fiorentina is very keen on this competition because they win a trophy and allow them to go to Europe. We are not just talking about Vlahovic, we are talking about the group”.

Will Fiorentina evaluate any offers for Vlahovic also in January?
“All offers will be evaluated, including yours. But nothing has arrived at the moment.”

The surprise of Fiorentina this season?
“Not the single, the whole group. The last match was an accident, but now let’s move on with this important match.”

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