First big fight in ‘Dance with me’: Alba and Jéssica star in a strong confrontation over Álvaro

  • Follow four live

  • The continuous approaches between Álvaro and Jéssica caused Alba to cry

  • Lucía, Rosario and Alba spied on them on the other side of the door and the anger broke out when they were discovered

The participants enjoyed a night out in ‘The Mansion of Love’. After producing the double expulsion in the last program, the rest of the candidates tried to get to know their protagonists better.

Between dance and dance, Alvaro began to have first approaches with their candidates, especially with Jessica. They were so close that even the rest came to think that they had kissed. However, the game of the bottle brought with it the first kiss of the night between Álvaro and Alba.

But after that kiss, Álvaro was centimeters away from Jéssica again. on the couch. Alba, accompanied by Lucía and Rosario throughout the night, carefully watched every move. The candidate could not help holding back her tears and she had the need to vent: “They always change me for others”He said.

Without much desire to continue the night, the participants decided to put an end to the party. Álvaro and Jéssica were left alone in the living room and the protagonist made him an indecent proposal: “Come with me, to my room”.

Lucía, Rosario and Alba listen on the other side of the door

They weren’t going to stay with the doubt until the next day, so they decided to leave the room where the three of them were gathered to head towards Álvaro’s. As they spied on them and listened from the other side of the door, their whispers gave them away.

Jéssica got up to open the door and found what they were waiting for: “Are here”. It was then that the first big fight of ‘Dance with me’, and with it the first shouts, insults and reproaches.

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