First Bitcoin mined by volcanoes | The announcement of Nayib Bukele


Nobody had given him too much credit. And instead, for a few hours we have been able to welcome the first one Bitcoin that was it extract using the energy of volcanoes from El Salvador.

A project on which the president Nayib Bukele had given information just over a day ago – and that today, despite being still in the testing phase, it has started producing its own Bitcoins. Extraordinary news for all fans of $ BTC – but also for those who have already invested in the coin. For a simple reason: this could be the turning point green that everyone was waiting for a further expansion of $ BTC in the corporate and financial fields.

El Salvador - Bitcoin volcano - here's how it went
It is a matter of fact! Mined the first Bitcoin from volcanic energy in El Salvador

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Bukele confirms: Bitcoin mining with volcanic energy has started

Or rather, geothermal energy, which is obtained from the many volcanoes that insist on the territory of El Salvador. The announcement – another momentous one for Bitcoin – arrived once again via the official account of Bukele on Twitter.

We are still testing and installing – but this [che vedete in foto] is the first Bitcoin mining from volcanode

A story that actually has relatively deep roots, because immediately after the announcement of the Ley Bitcoin which made the cryptocurrency legal tender in the country, we started talking, again through the mouth of the Salvadoran president, about the possibility of exploiting low-cost geothermal energy for Bitcoin mining.

At first there was talk of offering this opportunity to private mining companies – while from what could be understood from screenshot powered by Bukele, it could be a state-owned operation. The first screnshot reports the creation of just over 0.01 BTC, which at current prices are worth just over $ 450. A small amount – but we are still in the testing phase and in all likelihood with only a fraction of the ASIC machines online.

There are several countries that are throwing themselves into Bitcoin mining

In particular, among those who have electricity available a low cost And renewable. It is what for example they are trying to do in Laos, as it would seem the case of Belarus and soon other countries of the eastern alder, obviously excluding China.

These are possibilities that were born also thanks to the false step of the People’s Republic of China, which he forced to flee businesses And private who dealt with Bitcoin Mining. An escape that has allowed many to shop around – and even new agents to enter this market.

From her El Salvador will also have the Ley Bitcoin, with the wallet Chivo which continues to grow in terms of adoption – also accomplices fuel discounts which for example, these days, can get everyone who will use BTC to pay for gas in the country.

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