First Case of Monkeypox Confirmed in Puerto Rico

monkey pox
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The Puerto Rico Department of Health confirmed this Wednesday the first case of monkeypox on the island and asked the population to be alert to stop any chain of transmission.

The patient remains in isolation at home, is in stable condition and under medical care, according to the statement from the Department of Health.

“It is time for all of us to be alert to the clinical symptoms and epidemiological criteria of this virus so that we can prevent contagion and stop any chain of transmission,” said the Secretary of Health, Carlos Mellado López.

This first case was identified through the surveillance system for notifiable diseases, which coordinated the sampling.

The Department of Health established an Epidemiological Surveillance Guide for Monkeypox in early June, which includes information for diagnosis and case management for health providers and institutions.

Given the confirmation of the first case, the main health official, Melissa Marzán Rodríguez, stressed that “it is important that people who present the associated symptoms consult their health service provider immediately.”

3,413 confirmed cases

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on June 25 that for now the monkeypox outbreak should not be considered an international health emergency, as is the case with covid-19.

The total number of cases now rises to 3,413 confirmed in the laboratory in fifty countries, most of them European, according to the latest data from the WHO.

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