First days without IT losses in Primary, how do you live?

Paulino Cubero, Primary Care physician; José María Almela, family doctor at the Cieza Oeste Health Center; and Francisco José Sáez, family doctor at the Arganda del Rey Health Center

After the firm decision of Primary Care at the time of not process more hospital discharges Since last January 9, this week the physicians of the first level of care have been able to verify a remarkable acceptance of their new role by patients. This vision has been explained in Medical Writing by three family doctors, who expose how they have experienced firsthand the change remarkable of functions in your day to day.

Jose Maria Almelafamily doctor Cieza West Health Centerin the Region of Murcia; Francisco Jose Saez, Family doctor at the Arganda del Rey Health Center, in Madrid; Y paulino cuberoPrimary Care doctor at the health center General Ricardos (Madrid) are some of the professionals who have stopped processing the discharge of patients who come from hospitals throughout this week. “This past Monday I did not give them the low two patients who had been in the Southeast Hospital of Arganda del Rey, in Madrid”, says Sáez, recalling that to inform about this new situation, “all patients are provided with a document that has been prepared in the center with the leaves of absence, referring him to the place of first care where he was assessed for the health problem that prevents him from carrying out his work activity”.

Sáez: “All patients are provided with a document that has been prepared in the center with the sick leave”

In an identical situation is Cubero, who defends breaking with the unwritten dogma and established over the years that has intertwined to Primary Care already the lower parts: “Since last January 9th I have not issued the discharge to a patient who was cared for by him Emergency Service from one hospital or another who had been operated on in the knee a few days ago”.

Conflicts with other specialists

In the Region of MurciaAlmela affirms that the decision not to process more casualties “and to stop assuming this bureaucracy was agreed between all the coordinators of the community centers on July 1, 2022. Of the nine areas, eight have assumed their responsibilities, except that of Cieza, where there are still problems with specialists who do not finish assuming their duties”. The doctor goes so far as to affirm that there has been some conflict with the rest of the specialists, although it is based on the fact that the legislation is clear about it.

This situation is reflected in the health center where he works saezwhich recalls the statement that the Primary Care Management Madrid Health Service sent to the Care Continuity directors of the hospitals, determining that the person who should give the sick leave is the Family doctor: “The hospital colleagues intend to continue giving this function to Primary Care, so it will pose a serious problem for the patients. So, they are breaking the law.”

Regarding this situation, this Friday the Ministry of Social Security has made changes to relationship to this question, defending that it has to be the doctor’s Health Service The person in charge of deregistration performs the recognition. Thus, one of the measures that Primary Care had been demanding for a long time was finally heard.

How do patients react to the new sick leave management?

Regarding the response of patients to this new scenario, the doctors state that normalcy has prevailed at all times and there has been no conflict. cubero He states that when they are informed that it is not possible to issue the discharge report because this function must be performed by the physicians who assessed them, their reaction is “correct if they are communicated with good words and information, the situation is understood.”

On the other hand, the family doctor defends that it should be instill a vision both to the patients as to the different health specialists: “If action is not taken now, in a few months more patients will come for something else and then for another, and I will continue with my practice overloadedwith tasks that do not correspond to me and breaking the law”.

Cubero: “After a six-year career and four in a specialty, Family doctors are here to solve problems”

The thought of cubero is clearly shared by Almela, who expresses her satiety after exercising a function for so many years that does not correspond to Primary Care: “After six years of career Y four specialty, Family doctors are there to solve problems. Primary Care is tired of dealing with so much bureaucracyeach specialist must assume his derived from your healthcare activity. Our training is being wasted and the only thing that is asked is to practice more medicine and less bureaucracy”.

Primary Care wants to avoid any legal problem

One of the fears that Cubero feels and that for this he defends tooth and nail not to continue giving leaves of absence that do not correspond to him, are the possible legal issues that this can lead to, such as denounced by companies: “If I discharge a patient who brings a report from a hospital and then there has been a problem with the situation, for example, a false report, the company then denounces me and they are absolutely right because I have not attended to them and I have broken the law.”

The first week in which it is being imposed that the temporary disability can be managed at all levels, and not only in Primary Care, it has not stopped indifferent to the testimonies interviewed by Medical Writing. to the good disposition from the patients some rejection is added that they have received from their hospital colleaguesalthough Familia is clear that it is the only way to follow to defend the values of Primary Care.

The information published in Redacción Médica contains affirmations, data and statements from official institutions and health professionals. However, if you have any questions related to your health, consult your corresponding health specialist.

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