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The Star Wars series, ”Andor”, starring actor diego moon, has just revealed new details of its plot and the theme it will address. According to the showrunner of the series, Tony Gilroythe story will begin by focusing on Cassian Andor, a character we could see in ”Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”, and two other characters whose names have not yet been revealed, played by Stellan Skarsgård Y Adriana Arjona.

“Our show starts with a very simple, almost film noir, situation for a thief, a roguish guy who gets into big trouble trying to sell something to save his ass,” Gilroy explained. “Somebody’s been watching him, a rogue talent scout, and he got recruited on the worst day of his life. But, in episode four, we got out of there and started expanding…”

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Luna first appeared as Cassian Andor in the 2016 film alongside Felicity Jones, who played Jyn Erso, where a group of Rebel Soldiers embarked on the ambitious plan to steal the plans for the Death Star, located in an Imperial base on Scarif. Although they managed to get their hands on the plans, the mission ended with the Raiders, Andor and Erso and the rest of the Rogue One team with no way out.

The “Andor” series will tell the story of Cassian five years before his mission with Rogue One, and will explain more about his history, his character and his motivations. “This guy gave his life for the galaxy, right? I mean, knowingly, soberly, without vanity or recognition, he sacrificed himself,” Gilroy said. “Who does that? That’s what this first season is all about.” The showrunner also commented that the Cassian we’ll meet at the start of the show will be “revolution-averse, cynical, and lost.”

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In ”Andor” we can also see the return of other iconic Star Wars characters. Galactic senator Mon Mothma will appear in the show, being a character closely linked to Andor due to her role as leader of the rebels. Mothma will be played again by the actress Genevieve O’Reillywho also played the character in 2005’s “Revenge of the Sith” and “Rogue One.”

Although a specific date for the premiere of Andor has not been given, the series is expected to arrive on Disney + sometime next summer. The series has already been renewed for a second season that will begin filming in November 2022.

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