first hysterectomy without wound and without pain performed at Hospital Auxilio Mutuo

This is an unprecedented procedure in the health center.

Dr. Miguel Vázquez Guzmán-Gynecologist, Obstetrician and Urogynecologist and his team after performing the procedure at Hospital Auxilio Mutuo. Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Miguel Vázquez Guzmán.

The Auxilio Mutuo Hospital, through Dr. Miguel Vázquez Guzmán-Gynecologist, Obstetrician and Urogynecologist, and his team, performed the first hysterectomy without injury and without pain, through The technique ‘Vnotes’.

Via your personal Facebook accountthe doctor explained that this technique improves attention, recovery and quality of life of the patients.

As indicated in the medical literature, the novelty of this technique lies in the fact that, instead of proceeding to the wounds for trocars via abdominal, is done with a single incision through the vagina, without any incision or abdominal wound, using spinal or general anesthesia.

One aspect that specialists highlight about this procedure is that hysterectomies can be performed on voluminous and non-prolapsed uteri for which the laparoscopic route is complicated and the traditional vaginal route practically impossible.

among these others advantages are the shortest time surgical; the absence of abdominal wounds and their possible complications; less pain and need for analgesics; better aesthetic result; lower morbidity and better tolerance than surgery laparoscopic; early discharge without the need to spend the night in the hospital; better tolerance in anesthesia patients complicated; greater technical and didactic ease (to teach through the laparoscopic tower screens); and better ergonomics for the surgeon, since the operation is sitting down.

The Auxilio Mutuo Hospital also celebrated this unprecedented procedure in the health center, as a process that puts the health center at the forefront for the benefit of the population in Puerto Rico.

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