“First I wanted to bring Messi directly from Doha”


The front Cristiano Ronaldo He signed a couple of days ago with the Arab team Al-Nassr for a salary that exceeds 214 million dollars, according to Diario Marca, becoming the best paid in the world.

The Arab team confirmed that the Portuguese signed for two and a half seasons, that is, until June 2025. One of the curious things is that his relationship with the Arab country does not end in 2025, but until 2030, since he will be an ambassador.

The Portuguese left this day for the Arab country to be officially presented by his new team on Tuesday, January 3.

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However, before the incorporation of Cristiano Ronaldo in Al Nassr, his new coach, the Frenchman Rudi García, spoke of the arrival of the former Manchester United player, where he let out some controversial words in relation to the current world champion, Lionel Messi. .

Rudi García was consulted at a press conference about Cristiano’s star signing Ronaldo, to which he replied: “I wanted Messi first. I tried to bring it directly from Doha”, said Rudi García amid laughter, being a joke for all the journalists who were present.

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