First images of Guillermo del Toro’s version of Pinocchio for Netflix

There are already so many projects underway by some very prominent characters on celluloid that they are beginning to cross paths with each other. We have two versions of the Joker on screen right now (Barry Keoghan and Joaquin Phoenix), along with two Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie and Lady Gaga) and now also two Pinocchio projects that will arrive this year: one at the hands of Robert Zemeckis for Disney and another, the one we will deal with here, signed by William of the Bullwhich will premiere on Netflix. A rather curious cinematographic panorama is remaining in terms of originality, it is not enough to have an ongoing series or movie about a single character, but several releases of the same character coexist at the same time.

On this occasion, after showing the trailer of the Pinocchio from Disney, through Vanity Fair (goes Collider) reveals the first official images of Guillermo del Toro’s version of this curious boy who started out as a wooden doll. Notably the vision of the person responsible for The Pan’s Labyrinth Pinocchio is similar to Frankenstein. “Both are about a boy who is thrown into the world. Both are created by a father who then expects them to discover what is good, what is bad, ethics, morals, love, life and the essentials, for themselves.” So it is a somewhat darker film.

A unique and very different Pinocchio



The feature film Guillermo del Toro directs with Mark Gustafson, to count on David Bradley (Geppetto), Gregory Mann (Pinocchio), Ewan McGregor (Jinkey Cricket), Christoph Waltz (Count Volpe), Ron Perlman (Mangiafuoco) and Finn Wolfhard (Candlewick). This story of Pinocchio is set in Italy, in Mussolini’s rise to power with World War II in the background and in the spotlight. The objective of the filmmakers in charge of the project is to capture that, at that moment, society behaved as if it were puppets, and among all this a young man appears who is differenthaving disobedience as a virtue.



This version of Pinocchio will premiere in December on Netflix, arriving months later than the Disney + movie that will serve as a live-action adaptation of the work that we all knew as children. Del Toro wants to address the story of Pinocchio from another perspective, with his vision of wars always lurking in the scripts.


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