First images! Tom Holland in “The Crowded Room”

The Crowded Room started recording last week. The series, which is currently being filmed in New York City, will tackle different stories in each season. The first being that of Tom Holland, who plays Billy Milligan.

Produced by Apple Studios, the anthology series will explore (some) inspiring stories from people who have struggled with and learned to live with mental illness.

But who is Billy Milligan?

milligan, was the first criminal in the United States to be acquitted on grounds of insanity. This on the basis of having personality disorder multiplenow called dissociative identity disorder.

His case dates back to 1977, when at that time Billy was jailed for the robbery, kidnapping and rape of three women in Ohio. But this would not last long since after a psychiatric evaluation, it would be elucidated that Milligan had 24 personalities. His psychologist at the time stated “Ragen stole the money and Adalana raped the women.”

The case closed on December 4, 1978, and he was found not guilty by reason of insanity on nine criminal charges.

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The first season of “The Crowded Room” will have 10 episodes and although there is still no release date and many things are not known about the project, the expectation for this series continues to grow, especially thanks to the actor from “Uncharted” already the participation of Amanda Seyfried.

Even the actress distributionEmma Laird, expressed that “You must wait to see her scenes with Tom, because they will be amazing.”

We may not see Holland playing this controversial character any time soon, but in the meantime We leave you with the first images of the filming characterized as Billy Milligan.

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