First it was Anahí and now Laura León wants a slice of Karol G’s millions

Laura León wants the same as Anahí
Laura León wants the same as Anahí

In the world of music, success can be abundant for many and short-lived for others, as was demonstrated this week when Anahí took advantage of Carol G in his last concert to sing “Sálvame”. Being one of the artists of the moment, it is not surprising that more than one wants to obtain a slice of the millions of her, as is now the case with Laura Leon.

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Laura León wants the same as Anahí

During a meeting with the entertainment press, “La Tesorito”, as she is also known, did not hide her desire to sing in the future with the bichota and showered her with praise. In this way, she took advantage of her occasion to ask him to invite her to one of her concerts and together deliver the best of her music to the public.

Let’s remember that Laura Leon She made her own version of “Tusa”, one of Karol G’s biggest hits and it would be a good opportunity for her to “stick” to the fame that the Colombian has and why not? make as much money as the millions that Anuel AA’s ex bills.

According to the portal Quiero.news, Carol G takes home a figure close to 100 thousand dollars for each concert, in such a way that for a complete tour it can exceed a million dollars. This position of fame and power has not gone unnoticed by Anahí or Laura León, since they see in the Colombian the opportunity to grow her coffers.

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