First Look at Kristin Scott Thomas’s ‘My Mother’s Wedding’

Three sisters meet again one weekend in the house where they spent their childhood for what will be his mother’s third wedding, widow of two previous marriages. The three carry very different sentimental problems and also carry out very different professions. There they will be forced to relive issues of the past at the same time that they must learn to face the future with the help of a diverse group of unexpected guests at the event. Is about My Mother’s Wedding and it is the premise that the veteran has chosen Kristin ScottThomas to make her directorial debut based on a script that she herself has written together with the writer and journalist John Micklethwaitwith whom he began a romance in 2019.

One of the great attractions will be seeing its leading quartet on screen, especially Scarlett Johansson leaving behind her Black Widow stage in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and after in the last two years he has not been lavished too much in front of the cameras, only in precisely the solo adventure of black widowbeside Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova, and also voicing one of the characters in the animated feature film!Sing 2!.

She will play one of the three sisters, a captain in the British Royal Navy, in a cast in which Sienna Miller is a Hollywood star and Emily Beechamof Little Joe, a nurse. The role of mother has also been reserved for Kristin Scott Thomas. And the curiosity is that the actress of The English Patient has chosen Johansson in his debut film to play one of his daughters because this is a role that has already been repeated between the two on two previous occasions, specifically in The man who whispered to the horses of Robert Redford from 1998 and The Boleyn sisters of justin chadwick premiered in 2008.

And once the shooting is over, and with the film in post-production, the first image has been releasedwith the three daughters sitting around a table and a Kritin Scott Thomas who, despite not appearing in the frame, has been extremely happy. “Directing and acting among so many talented actresses and meeting Johansson again has been exciting”assured in statements collected in The Hollywood Reporter in which he also commented that he had been wanting to direct for a long time. “It has been exciting to create this fictional family using my own childhood memories as a springboard”.

Even so, we still have to wait a lot longer to have a first trailer or to know the possible date of a more than interesting premiereboth for what this directorial debut may bring us and to meet again with a Scarlett Johansson in a story far from blockbusters and intimate in nature.

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