Fitness: Shakira reveals exercise that lifts the buttocks and defines the waist at 40

Shakira surprise all his followers with one of his fitness tricks and it is that through his social networks he shared a photograph in which he is seen practicing a sport that you should implement in your daily life, since it will help you lift the buttocks Y define the waist in a very short time. You’ll be surprised how easy it is strengthen your body at 40!

If you like tone your muscles in record time this proposal from the interpreter of ‘Moscas en la casa’ is perfect for you, so try this Good practice which will also improve your flexibility and will decrease the stress.

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Shakira practices ballet to lose weight fast

Through her Instagram account, the famous published an image in which she performed an arm and leg raise in the style of the technique of this classic dance. In the image he kept a firm posture, so we suspect that it is not the first time he tried this discipline.

Shakira practices ballet to lose weight fast. Photo: IG/ @shakira

What is ballet?

Considered as a scenic art whose origin emerged from the Italian ballet in the fifteenth century, is a academic dancebecause it requires total control of the body to obtain a choreography in harmony. There are several currents that adapt to the time, country or historical moment.

3 benefits of doing ballet:

  • will improve your position when walking and sitting so you will look taller.
  • will strengthen the muscles of your whole body.
  • will improve the flexibility of your legs, arms and joints.

So now you know, try this sport that you usually do Shakira for lift the buttocks Y define your waist

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