Five actors who are fond of playing video games

For gamers, binging on a selection of games on a portable mobile phone or fancy PlayStation 5 machine is the perfect way to de-stress and enjoy some entertainment. Yet despite some people’s belief that gaming leads to childhood obesity and short attention spans, some of the world’s most famous faces are debunking stereotypes by admitting to binge-watching every once in a while. in when. Although seeing Khloe Kardashian wearing headphones and aspiring to reign in Fortnite is probably unlikely, there are some celebrities who feel very comfortable with a controller in their hands.

Five of actors delighted to sit down to play

We often see celebrities in the games themselves. A good example is Keanu Reeveswho appeared as a version of himself in the game Cyberpunk: 2077. It also goes without saying that we can find games based on famous movies and television series. These include popular casino slots about series like Vikingswhich use real images of the famous television series, or video games such as The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Kingwhich uses the actors in the game.

However, many actors love to play video games. Here are five actors who love to sit down and play.

Note: we omitted from this list The Witcher star, henry cavill. Though it’s clear he loves video games (he famously almost missed his audition for Superman because he was playing world of warcraft), is quite well known to be a big fan of gaming, so we’ll leave him out of this list.

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry He is a renowned gamer, although not everyone is aware of how passionate he is about video games. His fondness for games became more apparent when he appeared as a guest on Ellen’s Show to promote the movie. 17 again. During his appearance on the show, the actor from friends gave the presenter an Xbox 360 and a copy of fallout 3 signed by him. After exposing his love of video games to the world, Perry went on to work as a voice actor in the game. Fallout: New Vegas.

zac efron

Few people know that zac efron he is a very dedicated player. Although he may not be into gaming as much as before, the story of efron in the world of video games is extensive. as a fan of Halothe High School Musical star even hosted the release of Halo 3 in Los Angeles in 2007. Although we don’t know what title attracts efron these days, the truth is that he has an affinity with video games.

Megan fox

Despite the fact that his intermittent relationship with Machine Gun Kelly continues to grab the headlines Megan fox She is also a huge fan of video games. A 2011 Collider interview highlights her love of video games, and the American actress and model declares her love for the franchise. Halo. Also, Fox is a fan of Mortal Kombatand had already expressed interest in playing Kitana in future movies of Mortal Kombat. With Machine Gun Kelly Onstage, it’s unclear if Fox has time for a gaming marathon, though he might enjoy a session of Halo 5: Guardians occasionally.

Mila Kunis

Like Megan fox, Mila Kunis also showed his love for video games during an interview at the San Diego ComiCon in 2012. Sharing his passion for world of warcraft and call of dutyin particular, Kunis said: “Well, no, it wasn’t so much WoW as, you know, gaming in general. CoD is very very fun“.


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