Five horror games similar to Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2 has followed in the footsteps of her little brother, becoming a new mass phenomenon and a hit on Twitch thanks to the mediation of some of the most prominent content creators in the industry. However, I don’t want you to be left wanting to be scared if you have already beaten the game and/or if you want to try something similar, but different at the same time. So, I present you with a list of five horror games similar to Poppy Playtime.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

We start with the obvious choice. Five Nights at Freddy’s is one of the world’s best-known independent horror franchises.. Moreover, we could say that he has already escaped from the concept of indiealthough that is not the important thing. What really interests us is that it handles the same concepts: first person horror, survival and creatures with a sympathetic base, but redrawn in the most perverse and gloomy way possible.

The main Five Nights at Freddy’s series is divided into 8 numbered games and one unnumbered bonus installment. It also has some spinoff. After taking a break, he is coming back to life through various forays into the new generation, virtual reality, etc. Possibly the most similar game on the entire list. Moreover, it is very likely -although not certain- that Poppy Playtime has been inspired by FNAF.

Bendy and the Ink Machine

We have also remembered Bendy and the Ink Machine, an independent first-person horror title Developed and published by Joey Drew Studios. As such, BENDY offers us a story set in the year 1930. The story follows Henry Stein, a retired animator who returns to his old job after receiving an invitation from his former boss.

does it sound like you? Sure it is, because both FNAF and Poppy Playtime use this narrative plot to justify their story. It’s a bit of a hackneyed item, but it’s an easy way to justify the game.. In any case, in Bendy and the Ink Machine we will face a batch of dark and sinister cartoons that come to life through an ink machine.

Don’t Knock Twice

Neither aesthetics nor narrative are so much like Poppy Playtime as we would like it, but we must not underestimate Don’t Knock Twice. At the end of the day, they share two very important traits: they are both horror games and both take place in the first person.

In any case, here the story is, right off the bat, somewhat more obscurantist. It is based on an urban legend and we will dive into it to save our daughter. Demons and undead, among other creatures, will serve as the antagonist. And I’m warning you, hit some good scares.

Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek

Here too we find some notable differences. For example, we know perfectly well who our enemy is: our neighbor. Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek (or any of the games in the franchise) nWe will sneak you into his house to discover the secrets he hides. Overall, it’s not that scary, and the consequences of failing aren’t as dire as death, but it does share that survival spirit.

Broadly speaking, we will have to solve riddles and puzzles while we flee or hide from the neighbor. In this case, the argument is based on our curiosity. In fact, at first we feel that we are the villains, because we are invading their privacy. We do it because we think he’s weird and paranoid, but… Well, it’s still breaking and entering.

doll house

A terrifying first-person adventure with a film noir aesthetic. In Dollhouse we will play Marie, a detective. as players, we will enter our own mind while we recompose our past with no other goal than to solve a mystery, but…

Meanwhile, something or someone is chasing us. Something dangerous. Here, once again, an entity is after us to prevent us from getting to the bottom of the matter. Visually, It doesn’t look as much like Poppy Playtime as the rest, but it shares the essence of survival. Also, for a change, it’s an indie game. It has a physical edition via Tesura Games.

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