Five IKEA Qi wireless charging bases from five euros to recharge the iPhone battery

Although MagSafe technology is positioned as a strong candidate to be the only charging system in iPhones without ports, it is only available in iPhone 12 and 13, so it is not possible to take advantage of it in previous models. However, since the iPhone 8 you can take advantage of Qi wireless charging and there are a wide variety of proposals on the market. IKEA has some quite curious ones and at a very good price; these are five of the Qi chargers the Swedish company sells through your website.

IKEA Qi Wireless Chargers

Qi Wireless Charger LIVBOJ

Wireless charger LIVBOJ

We start with the cheapest wireless charging base from IKEA, the LIVBOJ (5.00 euros). Measuring 10mm high and 91mm in diameter, and weighing 0.08kg, this proposal is very fine, so it is quite comfortable to wear. It is made of polycarbonate/ABS plastic and silicone rubber.

Qi Wireless Charger LIVBOJ

Qi Wireless Charger LIVBOJ

Qi wireless charger NORDMÄRKE


With a totally different design, the NORDMÄRKE wireless charging base (15 euros) is ideal to have it on the nightstand and use the smartphone as an alarm clock, or place it in the work room for when you need to recharge the battery comfortably. Made with polycarbonate and bamboo veneer, it is useful for making video calls while recharging its battery.

Qi wireless charging pad NORDMÄRKE

Qi wireless charging pad NORDMÄRKE

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NORDMÄRKE triple Qi wireless charger

Nordmark base

If an individual Qi charging base is insufficient, this NORDMÄRKE proposal (49.00 euros) allows recharge three devices at once and it can be used independently with the cork or integrated into a piece of furniture so that it goes more unnoticed.

NORDMÄRKE triple wireless charging pad

NORDMÄRKE triple wireless charging pad

LED lamp with Qi wireless charger BETTORP

Lamp With Charger

A more complete option is the BETTORP (69.00 euros). On the one hand, it is a LED lamp in which the intensity of the light can be regulated and place it where you need it (requires four AA batteries). On the other hand, it is a double wireless charging base with which you can recharge the iPhone and other compatible devices.

LED lamp with charger, dimmable light grayish blue light intensity BETTORP

LED lamp with charger, dimmable light grayish blue light intensity BETTORP

HEKTAR Qi wireless charging desk lamp

Flexo Load

We ended up with the HEKTAR flexto (79 euros, the bulb is sold separately and IKEA recommends the LED model E14 globe opal white). Its simple, oversized form is inspired by the metallic lamps that lit factories and theaters. The base integrates a wireless charger and can recharge two devices at a time because it has an additional USB port.

HEKTAR wireless charging desk lamp

HEKTAR wireless charging desk lamp

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