Five infiltrations to rejuvenate the man’s face

    Are you starting to pay more attention than usual to the skin of the eyelids? Since you left 30 behind, do those two wrinkles that have appeared between the eyebrows bother you? Now do you look at yourself in profile when you shave to see if you have more double chin? If so, it may be time to consider discreet aesthetic medicine solutions, but with great results. Don’t be afraid of staying like Paul McCartney – that’s not going to happen – and looking like an elderly lady even if you have the most stretched complexion: These aesthetic medicine interventions are minimally invasive, but they will greatly improve your face.

    Of course, if you have already decided to infiltrate substances into your face, go to a specialist of proven competence, who knows the face very well and what he is going to put on you, because the features of a man require a lot of expertise in aesthetic medicine. “The man’s face is much more angular than the woman’s. He has a straighter forehead and back, while ours is much more rounded. That is, his features are much more defined. For this reason, it is not the same to treat a female face than a male one, hence You have to pay close attention to the different ‘parts’ of the face to make the infiltrations very different in them and avoid feminizing the man”, points out Dr. Mar Mira, from the Mira+Cueto Clinic.

    The truth is that more and more men are deciding to make an appointment with a cosmetic doctor to have the occasional touch-up on their face, a figure that has increased exponentially in recent years, according to the Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. (SECPRE). In the recent report ‘Study sizing and socioeconomic impact of Aesthetic Medicine in Spain’, prepared by the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine, 40% of the population has used aesthetic medicine services on some occasion, with 71.8% women and 28.2%, men. “Most of the patients undergo facial touch-ups at least once a year and 72% are facial treatments.”, collects the SEME study.

    If you are at that point of wanting to improve your face, but you don’t want something drastic, these five infiltrations can solve the aesthetic problems that most worry men.

    Hyaluronic acid to combat dark circles

    Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that we have in the skin capable of retaining water and keeping the skin hydrated.. The bad thing is that as we get older, its production decreases. Hence, aesthetic medicine has found a substitute: hyaluronic acid fillers.

    This injected substance has different uses, also depending on the type of hyaluronic acid used. One of the most interesting is to treat dark circles if you see that the corrector is not enough to make them disappear. “Hyaluronic acid infiltrations help reduce dark circles that are accompanied by depression and marked tear grooves. We use Redensity II hyaluronic acid, formulated specifically for this area, in order to increase its decline and restore skin elasticity. It is injected by cannula or needle. It is a quick and visible correction from the first moment that allows the patient to continue with his usual life. We get skin quality to improve, making the skin look juicier and brighter. By recovering the volume of the area, the shadows that darken it and are responsible for the greyish color are eliminated”, says Dr. Gema Pérez Sevilla.

    It is a treatment that is done in a session of half an hour, more or less, and the results remain between eight and ten months.

    Botox to erase wrinkles

    Botulinum toxin, known by its trade name, Botox is a substance that is infiltrated to block the nerve endings and the muscles to relax. In this way, by not contracting, expression wrinkles are avoided. That is why the most common use is to smooth the forehead and the eye area.

    “It is injected with a fine needle, in less than 10 minutes in consultation, and prior diagnosis to determine if you are a good candidate for treatment. It is performed in a single session and topical anesthesia cream can be applied. Each botox injection point that we place, if we do it subcutaneously, has a radius of action of approximately 1 cm, and if it is intramuscular, 2.5 cm. Therefore, in this “expansive wave” process, the entire area that depends on that muscle will not contract and, therefore, expression wrinkles at that level will disappear”, explains Dr. Moisés Amselem.

    When do you see results? “The effect of the botox begins to appear from the third or fourth day after being infiltrated and is definitively established around the tenth. Thereafter, an appointment is made for a review and it is assessed whether any retouching is necessary. It lasts from four to six months, so the process is reversible”, adds the expert, who points out that the only contraindication in men is being allergic to egg proteins or suffering from a neurological degenerative process.

    Calcium hydroxyapatite to replenish volumes

    Also known for its most famous brand, Radiesse, “It is a filler that, in addition to providing volume, acts as a powerful collagen inducer. which produces very beneficial effects facelift and improves the quality of the skin”, indicates Marta García-Legaz, dermatologist and medical educator at IMR.

    We can use calcium hydroxyapatite to volumize and also to tighten without giving volume. It is very suitable for men because it has the ability to mark mandibular angles and project areas that have decreased, such as the malar region. In men, this infiltration is highly indicated, because it manages to give those volumes, which are large, without fluid retention –unlike hyaluronic acid, which tends to retain fluid– and leaves a very natural volume”, says Beatriz Beltrán, a specialized internist. in aesthetic medicine.

    “If we are looking to improve the skin, we can perform the treatment every six months and we can combine it with other techniques, such as Ultherapy, to tighten, in addition to improving the skin’s texture. When we use it to improve the skin, we inject it with a cannula and if we are looking to replenish volumes it can be injected with a cannula or needle. In both cases, the infiltration is performed in just 10 or 15 minutes and requires a single session,” says dermatologist Ana Rodríguez-Villa, head of the IMR Aesthetic Medicine Unit.

    “The effects are seen immediately and improve gradually and progressively over the next three months, as we managed to slow down the natural aging process thanks to collagen stimulation. The results last more than a year”, concludes Dr. Beltrán.

    Belkyra to eliminate double chin

    This pretty name is a specific injectable drug to treat double chin fat and is approved by the FDA and the Spanish Medicines Agency for its specific use in this area. “It is a formulation of deoxycholic acid (ADC) that acts as a ‘detergent’ emulsifying localized fats with a similar effect produced by bile salts in the digestion of fats. When injected, it alters the membranes of adipocytes, causing irreversible rupture of said fat cells with the consequent lipolysis. In addition to destroying fat, acting like a chemical liposuction, it produces a slight fibrosis.thus favoring the production of collagen and the consequent retraction and support of the skin”, explains Dr. Mar Mira.

    Being a region crossed by important nerves and veins, it requires care and technical expertise, as well as exhaustive knowledge of facial anatomy. “The treatment is carried out in the form of microinfiltrations. An average of 20 microinfiltrations is carried out, which can be more or less, depending on the needs of each person. By applying local cold, the level of discomfort is greatly minimized,” says Dr. Sofía Ruiz del Cueto, from the Mira+Cueto Clinic.

    They usually require between one and four sessions, with a month of distance between each one of them and the results begin to be seen after about 12 weeks.

    Polylactic acid for a lifting effect

    The best known is the Sculptra. “When we inject polylactic acid into the dermis, what it does is stimulate the fibroblasts so that they begin to form more natural collagen. In this way, what we get is improve the flaccidity and elasticity of the skin. It greatly improves the lack of tone and small wrinkles on the cheeks”, explains the medical-esthetician Virtudes Ruiz.

    In men it is a very grateful treatment for their skin type, which is usually thick and with a lot of dermis, and therefore with a greater amount of fibroblasts. “It is a protocol that is highly indicated for men due to its good, very natural results.. In addition, they are observed gradually –between one and three months after the injections– and not immediately”, says the surgeon María Vicente.

    It is introduced with microcannulas, to avoid bruises, and does not require local anesthesia, since a little anesthesia is added when reconstituting the product. Normally between two and four sessions are required, every three or four months, depending on age and skin condition.

    And while you think about it – and after having infiltrated, so that the treatment lasts longer – help yourself with cutting-edge grooming products.

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