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The wind may also be changing, gentlemen, but the PD trolls are always at work against the Five Star revolution. As we all know, the laggard who gets information on the Internet has a constant need for fresh news about our pentastellated heroes but unfortunately, the media regime always tends to obscure the news. Hence, it takes very little to please those who are a little less accustomed to the online communication practices of Renzi’s jokers.

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So here someone has invented the classic interview with the foreign professor who explains us with the classic tones we are used to when we read the news on TzeTze that “Beppe’s boys” are the future of the country and that maybe there were also in America, where politicians like Di Maio or Di Battista are desperately needed. The professor tells us that if things in Italy do not go well – despite the salvific presence of the Movement – it is the fault of Renzi and of the media system enslaved to him (and of the trolls, of course). And it is for this reason, therefore, that our country is in 77th place in the ranking of freedom of the press.

Even the American professors understood this. Many Italians still do not because of the PD regime. If you want Beppe’s guys at the helm of the state, run this interview censored by the Italian media!

All beautiful, all shareable (in fact the interview was widely shared) were it not that Professor Mary Kaddour does not exist. And that the young lady in question exercises quite another profession since she is Mia Khalifa, a well-known pornstar of Lebanese origin.

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To tell the truth it must be said that fortunately, even if many fell for it by sharing the image with sincere indignation (as is appropriate in these cases) not everyone believed in the interview given by Professor Kaddour. Maybe Renzi has started paying his trolls less, and the results are evident. Or the use of highly effective tools for modern democracies such as Google Images has spread. The doubt remains that Mia Khalifa was discovered precisely because of the work she does and the fact that she is the passion of many Internet users.


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