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River Plate is close to fulfilling what it wanted with the future of Flabián Londoño Bedoya. The 22-year-old forward who has not received many opportunities in the River Plate team hopes to specify what his next club will be, since the plan of the millionaire institution is not to get rid of the attacker completely, but rather they want to loan him out for a year, with the possibility of ask for it back after the first six months.

Martín Demichelis was delighted with the good level shown by Flabián Londoño Bedoya in the preseason with River Plate and with the arrival of Salomón Rondón, in addition to the continuity of Miguel Ángel Borja and Lucas Beltrán, Flabián would not have any place in the River Plate cast. For this reason, the transfer decision has already been made.

It only remains to be seen which Argentine club he would reach, since River Plate and Martín Demichelis want to follow in the footsteps of Flabián Londoño closely. There was talk of Unión de Santa Fe, Lanús, Gimnasia de La Plata and Colón, but in the Argentine press it was said that they were closer to Unión than to any other team. However, Flabián’s future took a big turn, since he was not one of the clubs that was mentioned in Diario Olé.

Everything seems to indicate that Flabián Londoño Bedoya has everything ready to be a new player for Argentina’s Arsenal de Sarandí in the absence of some issues to close between River Plate, the Colombian striker and his new club. Negotiations are said to be well advanced and the operation would be a one-year loan, free of charge and with no purchase option. In addition, with a clause to bring it back in the first six months. The sports journalist, Pipe Sierra mentioned the conditions on the arrival of Londoño to the Sarandian team.

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