Flavia Vento and the social scam: “For 5 months he pretended to be Tom Cruise, he sent me love songs”

Big disappointment of Flavia Vento who for months has been thinking of talking via whatsapp with Tom Cruise, to discover in the end that you are the victim of a scam: “You deceived me – wrote the showgirl on Instagram – you sent me love songs and I fell like a fool!”.

Flavia Vento (Instagram)

Flavia Vento and the social scam with the fake Tom Cruise

After 5 months of talking via whatsapp with Tom Cruise, Flavia Vento she found out she was duped. It was the showgirl herself who illustrated what happened on Instagram: “Here – he wrote on the social network – after 5 months of chat the result was a scammer who pretended to be Tom Cruise and in the end he asked me for the money to see it! But how are you doing ugly scammer? For 5 months you pretended perfectly to be Tom I’m speechless!”.

The scammer, in the telematic role of Tom Cruise, he had also sent her some romantic songs: «You deluded me – he concluded – you sent me love songs and I fell for it like a fool!».

Flavia Vento then published the screenshot of the request for money, made to obtain a pass to see Tom Cruise during the filming of the movie “Mission Impossible” behind the payment of a card.

Flavia Vento also told about her misadventure on Twitter

Already in the past Flavia Vento, who recently joined Scientology, had been the victim of a fake profile that led her to believe she was talking to the Hollywood actor.

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