Flavia Vento: “For 5 months I talked to Tom Cruise, he sent me love songs. Then he asked me for money”

For 5 months she has been thinking about speaking with Tom Cruise on Whatsapp and instead it wasn’t him. “Deluded” and “Dumb”, so she defined herself Flavia Vento on Instagram, with a post showing all the disappointment after discovering the ‘unexpected’ truth. “Here, after five months of chat, the result came a scammer who passed off as Tom Cruise“, He began in a post published on November 23rd. Then, furious: “She pretended and now she asks me for money. But how are you doing ugly scammer? For 5 months you pretended to be Tom perfectly, I have no words! “. And again he added: “You sent me love songs and I fell for it!”. The comments below the post? Better to fly over.

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