Flavia Vento “Tom Cruise sent me love songs” / But it’s a love scam …

Flavia Vento victim of a love scam. The showgirl revealed that she was teased on Whatsapp by a man who pretended Tom Cruise. It was she herself who denounced everything on social media: “You deluded me, you sent me love songs and I fell for it like a fool.” However, after 5 months, Flavia Vento discovered that she had been duped: “Here, after 5 months of chat the result came a scammer who pretended to be Tom Cruise and in the end he asked me for the money to see him! But how are you doing ugly scammer? For 5 months you pretended perfectly to be Tom I have no words ”. The scammer had also sent her love songs. Flavia Vento then published the screenshot of the request for money, made to obtain a pass to see Tom Cruise during the filming of the movie “Mission Impossible” behind the payment of a card. Flavia Vento added that she felt teased even if she was heavily criticized on social media. One user wrote: “The problem is not him pretending to be tom cruise but you who thought you were chatting for 5 months with someone who tells you he is tom cruise, I repeat TOM CRUISE”.

Flavia Vento enrolled in Scientology: “If I had discovered it before entering the house …”

In the past, Flavia Vento, who recently joined Scientology, had been the victim of a fake profile that made her believe she was talking to the Hollywood actor. Flavia Vento would have liked to know the actor better: “Tom Cruise is single now from what I understand. And so am I. For 11 years now. Not only single, pure chaste “, the Vento had declared. The former gieffina, however, was literally misled on Twitter. “We talked for two months” told the showgirl talking about her relationship with the actor. Too bad, however, that it was a fake profile.

Flavia Vento had also talked about her entry into Scientology: “It is not a sect. It is a thing that studies the mind. I am simply taking lessons. I took a personality test to get in and I have to say he got us. All of our traumas that we experienced in childhood are stored in the brain of each of us. With Scientology we come to the removal of these traumas. If I had discovered this Scientology stuff before I entered the House, I might have stayed there longer than 24 hours. “ Flavia Vento has been made fun of for the umpteenth time but at this point won’t she give up on Tom Cruise forever?


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