Flesh-colored headphones by Kim Kardashian!

(ETX Daily Up) – Beats has unveiled a new version of its Fit Pro wireless headphones in collaboration with American reality star Kim Kardashian. This collection is distinguished by its range of colors close to those of the skin, to go unnoticed, or almost.

The Beats Fit Pro Special Edition Kim K collection is indeed available in three neutral shades, called Moon, Dune and Earth, each close to a more or less light or dark skin color. Since the headphones fit snugly in the ear, they will go almost unnoticed by anyone with a relatively similar skin tone.

For the rest, they are classic Beats Fit Pro, particularly suitable for physical activity since they are perfectly stable and resistant to sweat. They help block out surrounding noise and deliver spatial audio as well as dynamic head tracking for an immersive experience that puts you right in the sound. Note that they connect to both an iPhone and an Android smartphone.

Finally very discreet, the headphones display up to 6 hours of continuous listening, and even 24 hours thanks to their charging case which fits in your pocket.

These wireless headphones, signed Kim Kardashian, are stored in a soft-touch case. They are already available for 229.95 euros.

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