FLIGHT / Video, on Rete 4 the film with Denzel Washington and Jessica Kelly Reilly


The main female protagonist of this film is the British actress Jessica Kelly Reilly. Born on July 18, 1977, she is famous for having taken part in many blockbuster films, including The Spanish Apartment and Russian Dolls. His first big screen experience came in 2000 with Maybe Baby, directed by Ben Elton and Hugh Laurie. In the following years he was part of the cast of many other very successful films, among which we remember Pride and Prejudice, Eden Lake, Me and Orson Welles, Triage and You Meet a Friend. The actress was engaged from 2007 to 2009 with colleague Jonah Lotan. In 2012, however, she married the financier Kyle Baugher. The last time we saw her star in the horror film Eli, directed by Ciaran Foy in 2019 and broadcast exclusively on Netflix. He is still starring in the Yellowstone TV series, which launched in 2018 and is still in the running. It will be interesting to see how it stands out with this film.

Flight, film with Denzel Washington

Flight it goes broadcast on Rete 4 for the prime time of today, Sunday 11 April, starting at 21:25. The film was produced and shot in the United States of America in 2012 by the ImageMovers film house in collaboration with Parkes / MacDonald Productions while the distribution in cinemas and in the home video sector was managed by Paramount pictures. The direction of the film bears the signature of Robert Zemeckis with subject and screenplay by John Gatins. The music of the soundtrack only by Alan Silvestri while the scenography was created by Nelson Coates. In the cast are present among others Denzel Washington, Kelly Reilly, Don Cheadle, John Goodman, Bruce Greenwood and Tamara Tunie.

Flight, the plot of the film

Let us dwell on movie plot Flight. An airliner pilot at the end of his job finds himself spending a hot night of sex and passion with a flight attendant named Caterina. The next morning he gets up visibly tired and above all overwhelmed by the excessive use of alcohol. The problem is that he has to get back on his feet because he has to fly a direct flight to Atlanta. To try to overcome the hangover and thus avoid disciplinary sanctions, he decides to take cocaine which in reality immediately regains a certain brilliance. Once he arrives at the airport, he takes the helm of the plane and manages to take it off despite bad turbulence in the take-off area. After doing this, the responsible enough decides to leave the controls to his co-pilot and to prepare a cocktail based on vodka and orange juice. The fatigue still to be disposed of and the lack of sleep lead him to fall asleep and then wake up abruptly by virtue of a turbulence.


The commander leveraging on his enormous experience gained in flight immediately realizes that there is an important failure on the plane and then resumes the commands of the aircraft demonstrating great ability by carrying out a maneuver that will see the plane fly upside down to interrupt the uncontrolled descent and then be able to make a crash landing in a field.

After the impact, the man will wake up in the hospital where his direct superior informs him that thanks to his ability it has been possible to save almost all the passengers but that unfortunately some people have died including the woman with whom he had spent the previous night. love. While in the hospital he reunites with an old acquaintance of his named Nicole who is carrying out a recovery program from a heroin overdose and he promises to go and see her as soon as possible.

Thanks to the help of a friend of his, the pilot manages to escape from the hospital and take refuge at his farm where he meets another friend of his who informs him of a test that was performed during the hours in which he lost consciousness in the hospital and from which it emerged as if he was drunk and drugged. Pending the relative trial, the pilot tries to stay away from the mass media and above all to find some affection that he regularly loses by virtue of his bad habit of consuming alcohol.

Video, the trailer for the movie “Flight”



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