Flor Vigna shared a funny video and showed why she loves Luciano Castro so much

Buenos Aires-. Versions of Potential Crisis began to circulate intermittently thereafter. Flor Vigna and Luciano CastroThe actress decided to confront the rumors and admitted that, though they were on the verge of separation, they managed to sort out their problems in a healthy and mature manner. Since then, the pair has been going through its peak.

in the last hours bell flower shared a funny video on TIC Toc To show why she loves him so much Luciano Castro, and the thing is that he surprised her by learning the lyrics to one of Adele’s songs while they were traveling in the car. “Because I fell in love? Because a gray day with heavy traffic you turn it into an ADELE concert. You are one of those companions who make travel and life more beautiful, ”said the actress.

This week bell flower opened a question and answer box on the stories of Instagram To interact with your followers. A user asked her, “Flower, what contraceptive method are you taking care of yourself?”

Flor Vigna declares Luciano Castro

“I took pills, but they made me very ill. I mention this because I find self-care awareness important. The ring is worn for three weeks and rested for one week. Ask why it works for me. They even give it free in some health centres,” he explained. bell flower, A vaginal ring is a flexible ring-shaped device that, when placed inside the vagina, releases the hormones estrogen and progestin that prevent ovulation.

at the end of last month, bell flower Surprised by a wonderful declaration of love. in their stories Instagram Dancer shared photo Luciano CastroIn which he is seen very affectionate and he wrote, “Thank you for teaching me so much with this free and healthy love, our conversations and adventures; Everything is different with you by my side, you have given another flavor to my life.

@vignaflor I love you more than yesterday and less than yesterday ♥️ #love #adele ♬ original sound – florvigna

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