Florida Woman Goes To Discount Store, Buys Lottery Scratch-Off And Wins $1 Million

The winner elected to receive her winnings in a single lump sum payment of $880,000.

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A woman from Lee County, in the state of Florida, won a jackpot this week playing a State Lottery Scratch-Off that he bought at a discount store.

On Thursday, the Florida Lottery announced that the big winner, named Christina Baldino, originally from the town of Alva, in the same state, claimed a $1 million prize that was won in the scratch-off game called ‘Billion Dollar Gold Rush Supreme’. The prize was to be requested from the Fort Myers Lottery district office.

Baldino elected to receive his earnings in a single lump sum payment of $880,000..

According to the Florida Lottery, Baldino bought his winning ticket at the Handy Food discount store, located at 21321 State Road 80, in the town of Alva.

The store will also receive an additional $2,000 commission for selling Baldino his winning Scratch-Off ticket..

The game, which costs $30, offers four top prizes of $15 million. The game also features 24 prizes of $1 million dollars.

The overall odds of winning a prize of any amount are 1 in 2.59, according to the Florida Lottery website.

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