Florinda Meza causes shock with her “rejuvenated” face

The 73-year-old actress easily “shed” some 25 years from her, according to followers who loved the surprising result.

Stunned. This is how you have everyone, Florinda Meza, who has caused a tremendous uproar on social networks after appearing with a radical physical change.

In a photograph that he posted on his Instagram account, he can be seen with a fresh and rejuvenated face.

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The 73-year-old actress, who is in the company of a fan, boasts a smooth and wrinkle-free complexion. She easily “shed” about 25 years from her, according to followers who loved the surprising result.

“You are always beautiful”, “Doña Florinda, you are about 20 years old”, “Wow, getting better and better”, “Incredible”, “Regia, Florinda”, and “Super impressive, my respects to you”, were some of the comments left by followers.

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This is not the first time that Florinda stirs up the web, in an old publication she took a revealing image from the trunk of memories.

The actress who gave life to the mythical character of “La Chimoltrufia” and “Doña Florinda” told her more than 200 thousand followers the origin of the image; a story that made them love the publication more.

“My Rober loved taking pictures of me all the time, even without me realizing it. He took several of me while I slept. When I realized it, he told me “It’s that you’re pretty even when you’re asleep”, was the message with which Florinda accompanied the image.

In the photograph, Meza is seen lying down, sunbathing in a striped bikini. Her post quickly received more than 15 thousand likes and more than 500 comments where her fans left good vibes because they loved that she shared such a beautiful memory.

“Is there anything more Perfect than the romanticism of your Rober, Flor? I think not!”, “Wow and she does look beautiful. Memories that you carry in your heart, pretty lady”, “You were beautiful and you are still beautiful”, “Her love was so beautiful”, “A goddess”, and “Always beautiful, Mrs. Florinda”, commented her admirers on that occasion.

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