Flowers for Miley Cyrus

28 Jan 2023 . Updated at 05:00 h.

With the native Shakirazo we missed what he just did Miley Cyrus, in a twist to this new fashion of singing to your ex out loud. Miley waited for the January 13thdate of your ex-husband’s birthday, Liam Hemsworth, to release his song Flowers, which has become the undisputed number one. Above Shakira, yes. Because Miley’s theme is also a dart that responds directly to Liam’s infidelities, who among his many conquests also has the actress Jennifer Lawrence. Miley’s ex had dedicated the Bruno Mars song to her When I Was Your Man. A hit that highlights phrases like I Should Have Bought You Flowers/ Should Have Gave You All My Hours… (‘I should have bought you flowers, given you all my hours…). In response, Miley has hit Liam in the mouth with a great song that is impossible to stop singing and that she has made women all over the world dance, like the famous diane keaton, who has thanked Miley Cyrus in a video for the strength of this success. A shot of energy that the singer has put in her verses to her ex: I Can Buy Myself Flowers, Talk to Myself for Hours… (‘I can buy my own flowers and I can talk to myself for hours… ‘). A song of freedom, solidity and firmness that has generated more applause than Shakira’s song. You don’t have to compare them. All the flowers are for Miley.

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