FMF awaits arbitration report to analyze possible sanction against Chivas for homophobic cry

In the final minutes of the match between Chivas and Monterrey, the homophobic cry that is punished by FIFA and sanctioned by the Mexican Football Federation was heard.

In the Mexican Soccer Federation await the arbitration report of the match between Chivas and Monterrey, to analyze the possible sanctions caused by the homophobic cry that was heard in the stands of the Akron Stadium.

In the final minutes of the match between Chivas Y Montereythe homophobic cry was heard that is punished by the FIFA and sanctioned by Mexican Soccer Federation.

This type of conduct is investigated ex officio by the Mexican Soccer Federation and Liga MX, so the report of the match commissioner and the referee is expected to analyze how to proceed.

The game was in charge of the referee Diego Montano and the sources consulted clarified that the game did not stop as a result of the shout, but ended thanks to the fact that the regulation time of the game had expired.

In the game between Chivas Y Montereythe protocol against homophobic shouting only reached the indication of the local sound towards the fans, but the game did not have to be stopped or the teams sent to the locker room.

The Mexican Soccer Federation and the MX League they have sought a way to put an end to the homophobic cry, for which they have promoted campaigns in favor of inclusion and during the Chivas game, five fans were expelled, who were detected to be putting into practice the prohibited expression.

“The BBVA MX League informs that after the discriminatory demonstrations in the final minutes of the match pending on day 12 between Chivas Y scratched Five people were removed from the Akron Stadium, ”the Liga Mx reported in a statement.

The report from the match commissioner and referee Diego Montaño will serve to analyze whether Chivas will receive any type of sanction for the homophobic cries that were heard in the game against Monterrey.

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