Fnatic recruits June for new support for LEC 2024

Fnatic’s 2023 season in League of Legends is marked with some details and some changes, but it will be ready for the 2023 League of Legends World Cup. In the middle of the interseason, the information indicates that Yoon “Jun” Se-jun, Coreen’s support, He will rejoin Fnatic for next season and will take Trymbi’s place.

A new support for Fnatic?

The 2023 season debuted as a package for Fnatic and is classier than ever in the Winter Split. The arrival of new players, Oscarinin highlighted, allowed the team to redefine itself, enhancing the competitiveness of the team’s fights and escapes. Although the Spring Split is an improvement with qualification for the group stage, Fnatic has been eliminated from the main circuit. The recruitment of Noah and Trymbi for the bottom lane to re-energize their Summer Split team, which is finally three and qualified for the LEC season finals. Despite Oscarinin’s absence, Fnatic will attend the finals, but against G2 Esports they will always get a place for the 2023 World Cup. Wunder, despite his adaptation to an improvised toplaner role, are now powerful. Thus, Fnatic’s adventure in the 2023 World Cup is underway on the fifth tour of the Swiss Stage, without the possibility of seeing the Chinese teams.

In the offseason, Fnatic is actively preparing for the prochain season, and Sheep Esports nous révèle qu’elle aurait concluded a verbal agreement with main support Yoon “Jun” Se-jun. Jun, here at He started his career in 2020 at DRX before rejoining Kwangdong Freecs, to replace Trymbi. Although KDF did not shine in the LCK, finishing seventh in the spring and tenth in the summer, June is said to be a competent follower with unusual performances. If the information is confirmed, we will now have to wait for Fnatic’s future support for the 2024 LEC season, a choice here to provoke the consequences of European support in this title spot. Fnatic is looking at nine options to fill the starting support spot, including Kamil “kamilius” Košťál, Polat “Parus” Furkan Çiçek, Mertai “Mersa” Sari and Théo “Zoelys” Le Scornec, but the club ultimately opted for a 23rd year. former core competitor.


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