Foamy urine, beware: what may be hiding behind

Foamy urine can only be a transitory problem but at other times it hides more serious pathologies that should not be underestimated

Urine analysis (Adobe Photo)

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Urine, depending on the smell and color, can hide common issues or illnesses more or less serious. Among the most common problems concerning urine is the presence of foam which often alerts the person but is not necessarily associated with a health problem.

Often in fact this pathology is absolutely benign and it can only be the consequence of a very rapid emission of the urine itself or one mild dehydration. For men, it can represent a small amount of semen left in the urethra after intercourse. Other times this pathology can hide gods more serious problems.

Foamy urine: what diseases are behind this symptom

Urine analysis (Adobe Photo)

Foamy urine can be a consequence of a physical trauma or hiring some medications or the symptom of infections kidney or urinary tract. Other times they can be a symptom of diseases that damage the kidneys or diseases such as multiple myeloma or amyloidosis. Proteinuria is more common after the age of 65, in obese people and during pregnancy.

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Then there are other diseases which may be associated with the presence of foam in the urine. These are vesicocolic fistula, glomerulonephritis, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, lupus nephritis, pre-eclampsia, and nephrotic syndrome. Obviously in case of foam in the urine in persistent manner the advice is always to consult your own doctor.

If the presence of foam in the urine is rare then no treatment is needed while in other cases it may be necessary change the dosage of some medications taken, or resort to specific therapies which depend on the underlying cause of the problem. Sometimes it may be necessary to act on too high a pressure, other times to take antibiotics to cope with an infection.

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In case of more serious diseases, foam in the urine is accompanied by other issues which persist over time and tend to get worse. Concomitant symptoms such as swelling of the legsfatigue, nausea, anorexia, back pain, weakness, blood in the urinea strange color or odor of the urine itself could indicate a kidney problem which requires the consultation of a doctor.

Finally the pregnant women they should be especially careful in the case of foamy urine. In this case they must go to the emergency room if the presence of foam in the urine is associated a severe headache, blurred vision, abdominal pain or increased blood pressure.

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