foods to avoid after age 50

Experts recommend avoiding certain foods when you are over 50 and your body starts to work differently, that’s what they are.

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Health is very important and most of it comes from what you eat. Although many people continue to underestimate this aspect, nutrition is really essential for the substances that are given to the body. Some can help him while others hinder him and create problems.

The large supply and availability of food in this historical period certainly does not help. But you must always be very careful and have a fairly balanced diet. In addition, exercise is important, as is regular testing in order to prevent or detect any problems early. Attention must be greater after the age of 50, when there are a series of changes in the organism.

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This happens in both men and women. After the age of 50 there are physiological changes that necessarily require a change in diet and food intake as well. But let’s see what the experts have said about what to take and what to avoid.

Foods to avoid in the diet after the age of 50

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At the age of 50, the organism begins to work differently. Women know this very well because at that age menopause arrives for them. But men also have an important physiological change, for example in the prostate. In addition, the loss of muscle mass begins, fats begin to exceed in the body. Following these processes it is essential to control the calories you consume.

According to nutrition experts foods to avoid after age 50 are the following:

  • salt: is the number one enemy of blood pressure and circulation;
  • Butter: contains too many fats that are difficult to break down by the body;
  • White bread: it has less fiber, more calories, dark bread is preferable;
  • Empty calories: beware of chips, biscuits, alcoholic drinks that contain many calories but very few nutrients;
  • Sweetened drinks: processed sugar in drinks is not good for the liver which will not be able to process it.

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Following these precautions, contacting a nutritionist, making periodic checks, will surely make people safe from any problems that may arise with age, such as cardiovascular disease first of all.

Expert advice

The experts’ recommendation is to take more fruit and vegetables of different colors after the age of 50. Try to eat whole grains and cut down on both processed fats and sugars as much as possible. The monounsaturated fats that come from fish would be very useful, so the ideal is to consume it at least twice a week.

It is very important to get plenty of protein to keep your muscles healthy at all times. Better to use extra virgin olive oil, vegetable oil and rapeseed as condiments to have healthier fats than other foods. This will help your metabolism work better.

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