Foot PSG – Lionel Messi takes pity on PSG, Argentina pities him

Lionel Messi’s first season at PSG is a big disappointment, and the Argentine press is not kind to his idol.

Seeing Lionel Messi in a different shirt than FC Barcelona undeniably made a lot of football followers weird. But PSG did not hesitate when recruiting one of the best players in the history of their sport, recovering the player at the end of the contract with Barça. He certainly hoped for more after his first season at Paris SG, where he was only a shadow of himself. In the first part of the year, he was able to save appearances thanks to a few goals in the Champions League, and the prospect of gaining momentum in cleaver matches. Nothing came of it, culminating in a disappointing performance against Real Madrid, and a missed penalty on the way to the final elimination which ruined the Parisian season. Seen from Paris, his situation has already been analyzed from every angle and everyone now hopes among the leaders of PSG that Lionel Messi will find his rhythm more easily and bring more next season. But seen from Argentina, the observation is quite terrible.

Messi is no longer looking for the goal

The Clarin newspaper, the most widely distributed in the country, took stock of the La Pulga season, for its readers who do not frequently follow PSG matches. Numbers and sentences are merciless for Lionel Messi and his choice to join Paris SG. The newspaper already recalls that the Argentinian is about to complete the worst season in the last 15 years in terms of statistics. Figures that recall his first two years with the pros, when Messi failed to pass the 10-goal mark in the exercise. ” The feeling is that Messi has lost his passion for goal. On penalties or free kicks, everyone has their chance. A few years ago, nobody would have challenged Messi for letting a set piece be taken. Same in the end of matches, which were his strength, and now, the fate of the match is no longer played between his feet “Writes Clarin, who sees a clear break with Lionel Messi since he signed for Paris SG.

Lionel Messi is human

An observation put on the account of the difficult adaptation to new teammates, to a change of status which no longer makes him the leader of the team, and to a daily life that he must relearn in Paris. For Clarin, this simply demonstrates that Lionel Messi is human, with his weaknesses as well. For next season, PSG hopes to find an alien, the one who brought FC Barcelona to the top.

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