Foot PSG – Lionel Messi turned back at the gates of the United States

Under contract until 2023 with PSG, Lionel Messi remains unclear about his future afterwards. Some are already sending him to the United States, to MLS, to develop football a little more there. But, for the Charlotte FC coach, MLS doesn’t need Messi to grow.

Perhaps the greatest player in history, Lionel Messi is in any case one of the most publicized in the world. Arrived at PSG last summer, the Argentinian quickly brought back the light on Ligue 1, French football and of course PSG. In the wake of his signature, the French championship was immediately more followed in Spain, Argentina, Asia or even on the American continent. The performances, the image of Messi are guaranteed boosters for the media coverage and the aura of a competition. In the United States where football (soccer over there) is developing well, we think so too. There has also often been talk of the recruitment of Lionel Messi in the future.

Messi essential to MLS? Not necessarily

Indeed, the Pulga will be out of contract with PSG in June 2023. At 36, we can imagine that his career in Europe will be behind him and a last big contract could be offered to him in MLS. David Beckham’s Inter Miami had notably been cited to welcome him. Messi would provide an additional spotlight for the North American football championship and help in its development. However, Miguel Angel Ramirez thinks otherwise. For the Spanish technician of the MLS franchise of Charlotte FC, football in the USA is already making great strides without Lionel Messi.

As impact on society, Messi doesn’t need to reach MLS “, he had said in Goal. Words that he then explained. ” The media cuts what I say to get clicks, and now I’m the idiot who doesn’t want Messi in MLS. I want Messi to come, and if he wanted to come to Charlotte FC, I’ll sign him right away. Messi doesn’t need to come here to see change in this country. There are already so many young people who don’t choose American football or basketball, they choose football. It’s not because of Messi “, he specified. Far from being a charge against Messi, this exit proves the vitality of a championship which continues to develop and does not claim to welcome only the old glories. Lorenzo Insigne, 30, will leave Naples for Toronto this summer.

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