Foot PSG – Neymar alerted, how not to get fired from PSG

Paris Saint-Germain begins the defense of its title of French Ligue 1 champion this Saturday with a trip to Clermont. In the absence of Mbappé, Galtier is counting on the duo of Messi and Neymar. The Brazilian knows the rules imposed by PSG.

The PSG players discover the working methods of Christophe Galtier and if in the daily work the French coach cannot reinvent football, it is especially in the management of his group that the former coach of Nice has moved the lines . For the moment, the republic of players has ceased to exist at Camp des Loges, and it is indeed the Galtier-Campos duo who make the law. Kylian Mbappé had implied it during his contract extension until 2025, without a necessary turn of the screw, Paris Saint-Germain will never be able to go after their European dream. And if the French star said so courteously, his boss, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, directly warned players who were not 100% focused on the capital club that they could expect to be fired. . And inevitably, all eyes turned to Neymar, who regularly exceeded the limits. We now know the new internal regulations put in place by Christophe Galtier, and number 10 must comply.

To be sure that Neymar will not spend his nights in front of the game console, the television or in Parisian parties, PSG players are now expected at a fixed time to have breakfast before training. What to ensure that they are in a state of work, no word of apology being tolerated to escape this meeting, in particular the gastros which struck the Parisian players the day after a big party. ” We have established rules for time slots, breakfast and shared lunch. But there is no policeman to watch their every coming and going. It’s just normality. We spend a lot of time together, in hotels or at the Camp des Loges, you just have to establish certain principles for it to be pleasant. Same for schedules: everyone has to be on time otherwise it creates incidents that may annoy. For the respect of people who are on time, I’m on time, that’s the basis “, warns, in the Ile-de-France daily, Christophe Galtier, who will therefore not want a Neymar very regularly late and sometimes in a state unworthy of a professional footballer.

In the daily life of the group, the PSG coach also set rules when the group was together, for example on the use of the telephone. “ I also heard that I forbid telephones at the table. It’s wrong ! I just ask them to cut the bells and not answer at the table. But I don’t forbid them to watch a live football match anyway or to receive an urgent call. In this case, they make a sign and isolate themselves, there is no problem “Explains the native of Marseille, who admits to speaking French in his locker room, but has not imposed on his players to do so. Not confirming the implementation of a player monitoring system in the various Parisian establishments likely to welcome his players late at night, including his number 10, Christophe Galtier admits that last year, when he was in Nice , he had heard a lot of things about the “ mess “, but he admits that he found that everything concerning Paris Saint-Germain often took a totally crazy turn, including for a player like Neymar.

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