Foot PSG – Neymar had promised, mouths are closing at PSG

Neymar’s preparation with Paris Saint-Germain is exemplary and it shows on the pitch. The observers are conquered and everyone turns their jackets, as the Brazilian had predicted.

Even before arriving at PSG, Neymar was a divisive character. Adored in Brazil by his arabesques during his debut at Santos, he was also criticized for his permanent chambering and his desire to humiliate opponents. Ultra-efficient with FC Barcelona, ​​the Brazilian had walked in Ligue 1 like no one when he started with Paris SG, before quickly falling back. Injuries, poorer performance in big games and misconduct, the great Neymar quickly gave way to criticism and controversy. To the point of almost causing his departure in 2019. Since then, despite a generous extension, the Brazilian has not necessarily won over the crowds and has not been able to take PSG to its Grail, the coronation in the Champions League.

The last season was therefore one too many in the eyes of the Qatari owners, who for the first time hinted that parting with Neymar would be a good thing for their club and the team of Christophe Galtier. This is not necessarily the opinion of his former coach Mauricio Pochettino, who estimates on InfoBae that it would most likely be a mistake. “I think he said he’s been talked about a lot. He is aware of it. For me, having Neymar at PSG is something important, but I don’t really know and it’s up to the club to decide if they want it or not. “, Delivered the Argentine coach, who was not aware of what was said behind the scenes, even when he was still stationed in Paris.

Neymar’s awareness

Neymar’s future away from PSG seems doubly impossible. Quite simply because no one can both afford and seduce the Brazilian, who is determined to stay in Paris. And also because the former Santos prodigy is once again turning public opinion and Parisian supporters who could no longer believe in him. Untenable against Nantes during the Trophée des Champions, Neymar scored twice and is already causing praise. This is the case of Denis Balbir, totally captivated by the new Neymar. ” Neymar is a good example of this new Paris. Does his metamorphosis surprise me? Yes and no. No, because he is still a high quality player. Yes because it is changing completely. In demeanor, the Brazilian was unsuitable so far. I have the impression that he realized that it was the year or never for him to finally be the player that PSG is waiting for and not just this irregular talent that sometimes enchants us and often annoys us. “, delivered the journalist in the columns of Goal.

Neymar had promised it, he was going to turn over the supporters who could still whistle and criticize him. The bet has so far been largely won and there is little doubt, at this rate, that the whistles when his name was given to the team composition are quickly disappearing. Both PSG need and will benefit from a Neymar determined to give everything, not only to be in good shape for the World Cup this fall, but also to restore its not always glorious image since his arrival in Paris in 2017.

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