Foot PSG – PSG: Neymar, the dream star for the post-Abramovich at Chelsea

He is the star of Paris Saint-Germain with the most solid contract, but it is probably not the dream scenario by the leaders of the club in the French capital. Neymar just extended his contract a year ago, but PSG are really considering whether the Brazilian can be pushed out.

Three years ago, it was the former Barcelona player who did everything to leave Paris and return to Catalonia, without success. From now on, his disappointing performances, his repeated injuries, his lifestyle and his inability to carry PSG to the European Cup outside the 2020 Final 8, tire the Emir of Qatar. While Kylian Mbappé is held back with all possible strength, while Lionel Messi will try his luck for a second season at PSG, Neymar will not be kept at all costs.

Newcastle will struggle to bring in Neymar

However, there are not many clubs able to afford his services. The name of Newcastle has sometimes been mentioned, but if the Toon Army has big ambitions, next season will be without the European Cup and the possibility of fighting for the Big Four is still uncertain. Millions are not everything, and do not guarantee to rise so quickly in such a competitive league. However, Newcastle, recently bought by Saudi Arabia, has the means to convince PSG to let go of its number 10. This could also be the case for Chelsea in the coming months. With the forced sale of the club due to its membership of Roman Abramovich, and the latter’s link with the war in Ukraine, Chelsea will know the name of its future boss in the coming weeks. It will necessarily be a huge project, carried by Todd Boehly, Sir Martin Broughton or Stephen Pagliuca, the last three candidates for the takeover of the Blues.

Neymar for the new Chelsea boss

In each of these projects, the ambition to strike a big cost from the buyout, just to give hope to the supporters, and to assert itself on the European place where the competition is without pity. A season without recruitment is already losing places for the London club, which does not want to give the impression of weakening. This is why the name of Neymar is whispered if ever Chelsea were to be bought out and wanted a major recruit for their new project. Football London claims that PSG could well be contacted this summer by residents of Stamford Bridge to test the waters for the arrival of Neymar. For the moment of course, nothing concrete knowing that no one knows who will be the new owner.

But Neymar is one of the world stars who can change clubs this summer, and Chelsea are well aware of it. However, the game is far from won, and this on many levels. Indeed, in reaction to this article from the London media, Blues fans made it clear that they were not particularly keen to see Neymar, rather on the downward slope, land at Chelsea. It must be said that the PSG playmaker is perceived as a very highly paid diva, and whose game is not specially adapted to the Premier League. But he’s also a great promotional tool for a new project, and a player that PSG are clearly ready to sell for less than 100 million euros, while still representing the biggest transfer in history with the 222 million euros paid by PSG to bring him from Barça in 2017.

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