Foot PSG – Thank you Lionel Messi, PSG soon to be number 1 in the world!

Sportingly, Lionel Messi has not yet brought much to Paris Saint-Germain. But the seven-time Ballon d’Or has smashed all barriers in terms of marketing and notoriety for the Ligue 1 club.

When PSG recruited Lionel Messi during a totally historic end of the 2021 transfer window, Nasser Al-Khelaifi and Leonardo hoped that the Barcelona star would bring his colossal experience to Mauricio Pochettino’s team to succeed in finally going to the end in the Ligue des champions. However, the failure against Real Madrid confirmed that not only did Paris still have more mental than physical concerns, but that the Pulga was no longer really able to change a match on its own. The statistics are ruthless with the Argentine player, who scored four poor goals this season, he who had just chained 13 seasons with more than 31 goals in the jersey of Barça.

Even if obviously, Leo Messi discovered Ligue 1 after two decades spent in La Liga, the failure is there and it is indisputable. Even to the point that rumors had circulated at the start of 2022 about a possible amicable termination of the two-year contract between Messi and Paris Saint-Germain. But it was very bad to know another reality of football whose details we can now reveal.

Lionel Messi, a cash machine for PSG

On the Qatar side, we know perfectly well the marketing impact of his number 30, and as soon as his plane landed at Le Bourget, when he chose to sign for PSG in August 2021, we understood that the madness generated by the coming from Lionel Messi could bring a lot of money. Without even comparing the salary cost of the former Barcelonan (30 million euros net per year) with the turnover of Parisian jerseys sold flocked to his name, the excitement caused by the signing of Messi propelled Paris Saint -Germain to completely unknown heights, even with the double recruitment of Kylian Mbappé and Neymar in 2017. The Parisian reveals that during the first six months of the Argentine player’s presence, PSG made the same turnover in in terms of merchandising… than in the whole previous season. Similarly, partnership requests are pouring in from all over the planet, the biggest companies want to be associated with the French Ligue 1 champion and especially Lionel Messi. But that’s not all.

PSG are on the heels of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​thank you Leo Messi

In the various Paris Saint-Germain stores, the sale of Lionel Messi jerseys represents 60% of total sales, and the pace is not slowing down, despite the mixed performance of the 34-year-old player. Another essential aspect for clubs, that of social networks, benefits in a totally incredible way from a Messi effect. On Instagram, PSG has nearly 60 million subscribers, 27 million more since Lionel Messi signed in Paris, the Argentine player alone having 323 million followers, 100 million less than his eternal rival, Cristiano Ronaldo. But now the French club is the third most followed in the world behind Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​and ahead of the ogres that are Manchester United, Liverpool or even Bayern Munich. Overall, Paris has been gaining 1 million followers per week on the various social networks since the recruitment of Leo Messi. Obviously, PSG supporters would like this contribution to be confirmed also on the lawns of Ligue 1 and in the Champions League, but for that we will have to wait until next season. Commercially, the arrival of the sevenfold Ballon d’Or is in any case a major success.

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