Football England – Ang: Man United will finally beg Cristiano Ronaldo

Author of an interesting start to the season, Manchester United often do without the services of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese is clearly not essential to the Red Devils. But for his friend Patrice Evra, the attacker will eventually reverse the situation.

Of the six Premier League games Manchester United have played this season, Cristiano Ronaldo has started just one. Nothing to do with a possible injury. It is indeed a choice of manager Erik Ten Hag who always underlines the delay taken by the attacker in his physical preparation. While waiting for his return to the top, the Portuguese sees his team progress without him. Do the Red Devils really need CR7? Given his desires elsewhere, many question.

Evra defends Ronaldo

But for his friend Patrice Evra, CR7 will eventually put everyone back. ” With these big decisions, Erik Ten Hag sent shockwavescommented the French for Betfair. Let’s be clear, leaving Cristiano Ronaldo on the bench is an important message. Because Cristiano Ronaldo will think it’s not fair. Last season he scored 18 Premier League goals, so in his head he’s going to think, ‘Why am I on the bench?’ And he will be right. But you have a manager and you have to respect his decision. I understand Cristiano Ronaldo’s frustration. »

But Erik Ten Hag said to himself: “I’m going to start a new era, Cristiano Ronaldo is still in my plans”. And I’m sure Cristiano Ronaldo is part of his plans. Maybe Manchester United have to suffer now and they will need other players. But you will always need Cristiano Ronaldoassured the former Mancunian. Believe me, there will be a time when people will say: ‘Thank you Cristiano, please stay’. I am sure of it. I think Erik Ten Hag and Cristiano Ronaldo, if they haven’t already, need to have an honest discussion. Everything that’s happening right now makes sense. “For its part, the English press always announces the center forward on the start.

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