Football England – Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave, it’s the shock at Man United!

While he said he was eager to work with new manager Erik ten Hag, Cristiano Ronaldo finally decided to leave Manchester United. The Portuguese striker has asked his leaders for an exit voucher for sporting and personal reasons.

We can speak of a thunderclap in England. This Saturday, The Times tells us that Cristiano Ronaldo (37) wants to leave Manchester United. The credible source claims that the Portuguese has asked his bosses to let him go if the offer is satisfactory. Amazing information insofar as the Mancunian club has so far denied rumors of the departure of its striker, who himself had shared his impatience at the idea of ​​working with the new manager Erik ten Hag.

It must be believed that the reflection of CR7 has evolved a lot during his vacation. Indeed, Cristiano Ronaldo, who believes he still has three or four seasons at the highest level, absolutely wants to play in the Champions League during these remaining years. As a reminder, the former Real Madrid player has played the last 19 editions of the C1 since leaving Sporting Lisbon in 2003. The Portuguese international has never participated in the Europa League and does not intend to discover it with the Reds. Devils next season.

Which club to welcome CR7?

Note that in addition to these sporting reasons, Cristiano Ronaldo would also like to leave for personal reasons, he whose family has just spent difficult months after the death of his newborn. Suffice to say that this request will upset Manchester United’s plans on the transfer market. A priori, the fivefold Ballon d’Or will not be retained against his will, and will force his superiors to replace him with a very high level scorer. It remains to be seen where Cristiano Ronaldo would land knowing that few clubs can afford to integrate him into their payroll.

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