Football players and teachers, veterinarians and doctors: what boys and girls want to be when they grow up


The XVII Adecco survey “What do you want to be when you grow up” shows that boys prefer to be football players (42.4%), while girls prefer to be veterinarians (11.5%)

XVII Adecco Survey "What
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Another year, here are some of the novelties we get when we ask the youngest child in the house what they want to be tomorrow. Boys and girls, with some obvious differences between them, tend to pursue the same occupations as the youth surveyed earlier. 15 yearsthere for him 2004.

XVII Adecco Survey What do you want to be when you grow up?According to which, once again, the children of Madrid dream of becoming Football Players (so he wants it 42.4% of respondents), which is a 17.3% increase since 2019. Other professions chosen by children are: teacher (12.1%), musician (6.1%), CEO and scientist (3% each); While the girls of the Madrid community want to be animal treatment (Profession chosen by 11.5%), as opposed to 2019 where 19.9% ​​chose to be teachers. Other career choices by girls in this 2023 were: doctor, police officer, teacher (7.7% each) and architect (3.8%).

Who would you like to be your boss?

For them, the best possible boss would be their own mother (21.2%) or parents (12.1%, Next, Madrid children choose their brother or sister or their teacher as their boss (6.1% each). They would also love to put themselves under the orders of the great scientist Albert Einstein, the actor Brad Pitt or the Portuguese striker. Cristiano Ronaldo (with 3% of the vote each).

They prefer someone close to them as their first option to subject themselves to their orders, in this case their teacher (15.4%, In the second, third and fourth places, they want to work for the football player singer Aitana alexia putellas or their own mother (7.7% each). They also appear as possible leaders with 3.8% of the vote: A Friend, and International Singer. Ariana Grande and Beyoncé.

most important news of the year

Although 13.6% she doesn’t know what to answer 11.9% of survey participants Russian invasion of Ukraine This is the most important news of the year. Real Madrid’s victory is far and away (all with 5.1%). King’s Cupdeclaring the end of masks, and Türkiye earthquake And the Syria that happened in February deserves a prominent square in the conscience of Pequeños/as did what happened in Madrid.

What qualities define a good worker?

The common quality that best defines a good worker, according to the children of Madrid, is their attitude towards work (30.5%), then his personality (24.3%) and their skills (12.4%, Teamwork matters too8.5%) and have a good build7.3%,

Which product will you sell?

Young people from Madrid were asked what product they would sell if they started their own company. The boys choose to sell food (9.1%), followed by soccer ball and car sales businesses (6.1% each). Girls, on the other hand, would first set up a store to sell clothes (15.4%) drugs (11.5%), ice cream (7.7%), and firearms (3.8%).

retirement plan

Both genders choose travel as the best plan for their teens. retirementyou voted for 12.1% of them and 34.6% from them. But from here the order of their priorities changes slightly. They want to watch TV and sit in a chair (12.1% and 9.1%, respectively) and they want to take care of grandchildren and spend time with family (7.7% each).

rest while working

Three years after the rise of telecommunications, a 66.1% Madrid boys and girls define it as an alternative to work from home. A 11.9% thinks it’s working outside the office and 10.2% He says he doesn’t know what it is. “having TV at work”, “working online”, “multitasking”, “when you don’t finish your work and take it home”, “call from the computer and you can see yourself” , “work all day…”, Other explanations have also been given for this modus operandi.

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