footballer tries to move on

Shakira : the singer and Gérard Piqué have decided to put an end to their story. And it seems that the latter definitely wants to turn the page…

Shakira and Pique: it’s over!

Corridor noises were therefore correct. While rumors have been circulating for several weeks already, Shakira and Gerard Piqué announced on June 4 their decision to separate. Parents of two children, Milan and Sasha, the Barcelona defender and the Colombian singer shared the news in a press release sent to the EFE agency. ” We regret to confirm that we are separating. For the well-being of our children, which is our top priority, we ask for privacy. thank you for your understanding“, they wrote.

If the reasons are still unclear, a model shared the messages sent to her by Gerard Piqué. That wouldn’t have stopped the two exes from spending the weekend together. Either way, many netizens have noticed that Shakira may be ready to move on. Indeed, many noted that she started following two actors on social media. These are none other than the beautiful Chris Evans and Henry Cavill. And that only multiplied speculation on the web: what if these two wanted to take the place of the footballer?

Gérard Piqué would like to move on

But Gerard Pique is also ready to move forward. In any case, the young man enjoys his single life since he would go out very often with his friend and teammate Riqui Puig. Paparazzi Jordi Martin confided on the channel Telecinco : “About Piqué’s parties, let’s see… I’ve been Piqué for twelve years and he is well known in Barcelona, ​​especially for the parties in which he participates… But I must say that for some time now he has been with his team-mate Riqui Puig very often. »

Shakira deceived by Gerard Pique: the footballer tries to move on

Still according to the words of the paparazzi, Shakira’s ex (who was seen in an ambulance) would spend a lot of money:He spends indecent sums in nightclubs and restaurants until the early hours of the day. From what I know, the sums that Pique can spend in a single evening vary depending on the day, but it is at least 2000 euros. At least. And per evening. But for Pique, these amounts are ridiculous. “.

Gérard Piqué separated from Shakira: these messages he would have sent to a model!

Shakira: After years of marriage to footballer Gérard Pique, both have announced their divorce. The sportsman would have sent messages to another woman…

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